Hänel Precision Gears

Quality that speaks for itself!

Hänel has been producing top-quality precision gears for more than 50 years. The experience, know-how and reliability of our employees, along with constant investment in state-of-the-art production facilities, are the basis for Hänel's exceptional standard of quality.

Many well-known business enterprises benefit from our complete production portfolio and modern high-tech machining centers.
The key prerequisite for this has always been the continuous refinement of our technology.

Here are a few highlights from our extensive precision program: 

  • Milled spur gears up to 400 mm diameter and 275 mm tooth width
  • Ground spur gears up to 400 mm diameter and 180 mm tooth width
  • Module range from 0.5 to 8
  • Diametric pitch range from DP 48 to DP 5
  • Special solutions to reduce noise levels

Without a doubt your high-tech products could be equipped with precision gears from Hänel. In close cooperation with our customers, our specialists develop solutions for efficient production.
These are the factors that account for your trust in Hänel products, and we look forward to continuing this proven approach as we continue to work with you well into the future.

For the highest standards – Hänel Precision Gears!