Gear Flank Grinding

We have the precision skills and modern machinery required for high-quality gear grinding. The machines in operation at our production site are ideal for machining spur gears, pinions and pump gears. Precision grinding of the flanks (side surfaces of gear teeth) with the very latest CNC machines ensures that Hänel gears function smoothly and quietly during their long service life. These gears are frequently found in engine and transmission applications.
Thanks to an additional device for dressing the grinding wheels it is possible to accommodate all tooth geometries and modify the shape of the gear teeth as required. Innovative equipment for dressing grinding wheels ensures that we achieve the highest levels of accuracy when it comes to manufacturing spur gears.
Specifications up to DIN Quality Level 4 in manufacturing are a matter of course at Hänel gears.
The use of the latest CNC machines enables us to achieve a high degree of manufacturing flexibility, even allowing for special solutions in flank and profile grinding of gears.
Due to the geometry of gear grinding and profile grinding, the area of contact between the grinding wheel and the gear is quite large, and the friction generated through the grinding process could result in damage stemming from high temperatures.
To prevent this from happening, we use corundum ceramic grinding wheels which have a large-pore structure for manufacturing our gears.
Our grinding wheels must meet high demands in terms of profile retention and durability because it is the tooth flank quality that influences the quietness and rolling resistance of finished gears.
Thanks to the vast experience of our employees, and our use of the latest production machines for gear grinding, we are able to address customer needs in gear grinding quickly and flexibly.

Our flank and profile grinding machines at Hänel:

1 REISHAUER-CNC-RZ 260 with RL3K loader

1 REISHAUER-CNC-RZ 400 with Felsomat loader
1 HÖFLER-HELIX 400 KK profile grinding machine

We will be happy to advise you and demonstrate our competence in flank and profile grinding. We can manufacture the high-precision gears you need. Feel free to contact us.