We have the precision skills, tooling and modern machinery required for high-quality CNC turning processes. Our high-tech CNC systems can be used to machine shafts as well as gears. Turning is one of the first steps in the gear-making process. It is the basis for all the other downstream processes and is important for satisfying production quality requirements.
Our gears are frequently found in engine and transmission applications. 
Thanks to the versatile and sturdy tooling we use for the turning process, our CNC machining systems can be retooled flexibly and quickly. This enables us to process short-notice orders and adapt to customer modifications without delay so that requirements can be met on time.  
In addition to fully automated CNC turning systems, we also rely on manual CNC machines to achieve high levels of precision when CNC turning even simple workpieces. Our highly qualified employees have years of experience in achieving outstanding quality and precision with manual turning. We carefully follow each customer’s prescribed specifications, and all process steps are monitored through our certified QM system.
It goes without saying that Hänel Precision Gears uses the latest CNC technology and high-quality machine tools for all CNC turning processes. We constantly invest in projects for modernizing and expanding our manufacturing machinery, and we are the preferred contact for our tool suppliers when it comes to deploying the very latest CNC turning technologies. Precision CNC turning of workpieces on modern CNC machining systems ensures that our gears function with precision, in addition to running smoothly and quietly during their long service life. 
Even the most complex geometries can be produced with our modern CNC turning centers and multiaxial machining processes.
By using the latest MAZAK CNC machining centers equipped with gantry loaders and high-quality machine tools, we achieve high levels of efficiency while maintaining consistently high production quality.

The latest MAZAK CNC turning centers are in operation at Hänel Precision Gears:

MAZAK MULIPLEX 6200 Y with loader
MAZAK MULIPLEX 6250 with loader

Plus one hard turning machine: 

We will be happy to advise you and demonstrate our expertise in turning processes. We can manufacture the high-precision gears you need. Feel free to contact us.